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new baby

reflection into your soul 2005
ok so the new baby made it safe and sound. He's certainly a cry baby, but, well, he's scared to death so I can't blame him. He's old enough to be able to walk around and eat and drink on his own so I don't have to bottle feed him. I think he'll be just fine. (At least I think it's a he.) Pics are here: pics All his new brothers and sisters already love him, especially daddy Colby. :)

Mar. 17th, 2009

reflection into your soul 2005
Rich gave me a "LJ nudge" because he's a losah.

So my post for today is a simple "HAPPY ST PATTYS DAY". Drink and eats lots of green stuff!

The holidays are here again

dead riding hood can fly! halloween 2006
So go me a grinch. I don't understand the concept of Christmas cards. I just don't. For that matter, I don't understand Birthday cards, Anniversary cards, etc. It seems so silly...spending money on paper and they get thrown away anyway. I used to send them out every year. I don't know what changed. I'd rather spend money on gifts for everyone...if I could afford

Tell me people. Do you like cards? Do you send them? Do you like receiving them? Do you keep them?

And am I just a grinchy grinch or what? :D


reflection into your soul 2005
So...I know there are a lot of people I haven't really seen in awhile. I have absolutely nothing, nada, zilch going on Saturday. Second Saturday in 2 weeks actually, so this is good. I spent all last Saturday doing nothing, which was great. I want to do something this Saturday though.

Anyone want to hang out? Go do something? I'm not as broke as I was a few weeks ago, so this is good. As for time, I'm really asking about Saturday mid-morning until about 9pm or so at night. usual...I'll be heading up to Jersey City at night.

PS - People whom I haven't seen in months and months (compared to weeks) get priority. :)

No sleep

reflection into your soul 2005
I'm not supposed to be awake yet. Grrr. Bad!

Check this out

upstate ny - oct 2005
You gotta love Best Buy reward zones coupons. Look what I bought myself yesterday, super cheap.

Totally awesome.

Apr. 13th, 2008

reflection into your soul 2005
We both went out today and bought Bomberman Land for our Wiis.

Now, we need to plan a bomberman party.

glad it's a joke!

reflection into your soul 2005
I really hope this is a joke...</a>

Edit: Ok, just found out it's an April fools joke. *phew*

great party last night

reflection into your soul 2005
I am so hung over.

...wish i could sleep...

i jumped on the bangwagon too...

reflection into your soul 2005
*gasp* I scored up there with the Republicans? shocker. lol.

63% John McCain
60% Mitt Romney
60% Tom Tancredo
59% Rudy Giuliani
58% Joe Biden
58% Fred Thompson
55% John Edwards
55% Hillary Clinton
54% Bill Richardson
53% Mike Huckabee
51% Chris Dodd
51% Barack Obama
40% Mike Gravel
35% Ron Paul
32% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz


reflection into your soul 2005
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